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Disc Harrow Tillage Materials And Uses

Disc harrow tillage equipment can be used to prepare a garden plot or large expanse of land for planting. As metal discs come into contact with the soil and turn, crop residue and weeds will be loosened from the ground and clumps will be removed from the soil.

Tillage Equipment And Aeration

Tillage equipment includes manual and power tools and machinery that loosen compacted dirt and aerates the upper soil levels that are within an area where planting will take place. Plants obtain oxygen from the soil. Without properly aerated soil, root systems may be weak and a plant's leaves and stalk could appear to be discolored.

Using manual equipment to till property can be laborious. Some soil sections may accidentally be overlooked or difficulty may be experienced with applying enough pressure to a manual tillage machine. Disc harrow tillage equipment can be pulled by a tractor. All of the labor will be performed by the machinery, and a farmer's only responsibility will be to operate the tractor.

Disc Harrow Components

Notched or smooth discs are aligned along a steel shaft. Notched discs contain rough protrusions that will cut down into the ground. Smooth discs will also cut into the ground, but they won't be as effective at cutting up clumped soil or overgrowth that remains from a previous planting season.

Due to the design of a notched disc, the metal components may wear down before a disc that contains a smooth edge. Notched discs are typically used to prepare land that has not recently been plowed. Smooth discs are used to treat soil that has been plowed previously and that does not contain a lot of overgrowth that will be difficult to cut through. Disc sizes vary and will influence how deeply tillage pieces cut into the ground.

Spacers are located between discs. A bumper is secured to each end of a shaft. The spacers and bumpers prevent the discs from moving or coming into contact with one another. There are two or more rows of discs on each disc harrow tillage setup.

A setup that contains multiple rows that are designed to cut in opposite directions can be used to till a large section of land faster than a more basic disc harrow tillage setup. The framework that is secured to the shaft that contains metal discs will need to be attached to the plow that will be driven while the tillage equipment is used.

Contact a local agricultural equipment supplier to learn more about tillage disc blade tools.